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This is a paid subliminal requets that won't be posted on my channel, but that you can now purchase on my store for a cheap price. This is made with my stardust formula. 



- jawline and facial structure like Jesse Metcalf

- tight firm taut facial skin at all times

- under eyes completely immune to wrinkles

- facial skin is always youthful and smooth

- facial skin immune to any type of facial lines

- under eye skin is thick and healthy

- near eye vision is 20/20

- far eye vision is 20/20

- be able to see perfectly from far and up close

- perfectly healthy eyes

- golden brown eye color

- melanin/eye pigment fully changed to give your golden brown eyes

- golden brown eyes that are shiny and attractive

- light reception/reflection your eye makes you have golden brown eyes

- have super thick full eyebrows

- eyebrows always grow in healthy and full

- lip shape and smile similar to Jess Metcalf's

- have full pink fully hydrated lips

- skin pores are fully shrinked into oblivion

- skin always produces a lot of collagen forever

- always look 21 years old no matter how old you are

- grow lots of baby hairs to make your forehead look smaller

- perfectly thick full curled up eyelashes

- immune to any type of eyelid creases/wrinkles/lines

- eyelid skin is fully smooth always

- complete immunity to eye bags or dark circles

- completely immune to eyelid and under eye skin scars

- any type of scars are completely faded forever

- have beautiful cheek dimples whenever you smile

- pale white milky skin that is immune to tans and sunburns

- skin has a natural spf factor

- have naturally rosy cheeks

- always glow from head to toe

"Martin" Male Beauty Combo


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