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this is paid subliminal that won't be posted on my channel, but that you can now purchase it here if it matches your desire. This uses my moon formula. 



enjoy watching tv series and movies

enjoy reading books

have many hobbies to occupy your free time

enjoy your free time

always find the best, most interesting tv series

always find the best, most interesting movies

always find the best, most interesting books

enjoy watching youtube videos

always know how to have fun

always know how to entertain yourself

get easily invest in your new hobbies

enjoy going to the gym

have fun going to the gym

enjoy playing games

enjoy hanging out with friends and family

be perfect at speaking english

have perfect english fluency

understand english perfectly

know english grammar and vocabulary

have 9 level ielts in English

immune to any type of protuding ears

ears stop being prominent

have ears with perfect projection

ears with perfect size and shape

ears that are symmetrical and even

ears suit face perfectly

airpods never fall down your ears

ears always keep airpods in

"laetita" life, english fluency + more


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