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this is a paid subliminal request that i won't be posting on my channel, but that you can now purchase if it matches what you desire. This use smy CX-111 Formula. Ignore the different name on the file, they are 100% the same file. 



- have a beautiful short face

- have a short jaw and chin

- beautiful L-shaped jawline

- have a 120º gonial angle

- sharp, defined jawline

- straight, even, non-bumpy jawline

- natural jaw countouring look

- reduce mid face length by 1cm

- reduce bottom third of face by 1cm

- less distance between lip and chin

- filled in labiomental area to get rid of any folds/grooves

- labiomental area looks way less indented

- big large eyes

- beuatiful big large eyelids/eyelid space

- beuatiful and wide eyes

- have your ideal eye width

-eye width kind of like Kate Beckinsales' eyes

- deep and high eye lid crease

- plump, wide eyelids 

- eyelids kind of like Sophia Loren or Angelina Jolie's

- Alar base reduction

- Have smaller nostrils

- nostrils never flare out

- smooth alar creases

- upturned, cute fairy like nose

- ski slope nose

- wide radix from the front view

- nose that is similar to Kate Beckinsales' and Monica Bellucci's nose

- 11 mm (1.1 cm) philtrum in length

- concaved and lifted philtrum

- philtrum looks like you had a lip lift

- big plump lips like Monica Belucci's

- wide lips and wide smile

- face length16.5 cm from hairline to the end of the chin

- Kate Beckinsale’s jawline, chin and labiomental fold

- huge, almond shaped, wide, elongated, exotic, sexy, mesmerizing eyes

- have stunning, feminine and alluring wide set eyes

- have the most beautiful, ethereal, exotic, perfect, angelic face, eyes, jawline, jaw, and chin

- the most stunningly beautiful, classy, Goddess-like looking woman in the world

- get so many compliments on inner and outer beauty

- have a slim, feminine smooth neck

- have a short, rounded forehead with a think filled in hairline

- have the softest, healthiest, toned, and youthful looking skin from head to toe

- facial thirds are the same length as each other and compliment my face

- have supernatural ethereal, fairy-like, elf-like beauty

- have a short, rounded forehead with a think filled in hairline

- be fit, toned, and healthy

- embodiment of unconditional love

- Feel worthy and valuable

"gloria" beauty combo

€ 111,00मूल्य

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