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this is a paid request that won't be posted publicly on my channel, but that you can now purchase here. This uses my cx-111 formula



have an apartment in Kensington London

move to a Midtown Manhattan

have a Luxury Apartment in London for free

have a Luxury Apartment in Midtown Manhattan fully paid

move to Midtown Manhattan right now and have a luxury apartment 

firm lifted round breasts

extremely healthy lungs even if you vape. 

aate Famous A List Celebrities asap.

be an A List High Paid Actress 

have Lead Roles In Huge Films Now. 

body is a Carbon Copy body of Yasmeen Ghauri's body

Extremely beautiful side profile.

Extremely good actor.

Extremely videogenic.

Extremely photogenic.

Extremely audiogenic.

Supernaturally Beautiful.

star in a movie with Tom Holland. 

have a Lead Role in a Marvel Movie.  

be the Biggest Hollywood star

be a star even bigger than Marilyn monroe. 

have Four Maids.

have a butler.

have a chauffeur.

have a private chef.

have a personal assistant.

go on Shopping sprees Every month.

have Extreme Pretty Privilege  everywhere you go. 

be treated like a true princess. 

face always looks like you are nineteen years old forever. 

fefined face. 

get rid of chubby cheeks

feline eyes. 

scalp hair long and down to your butt. 

scalp hair is silky and smooth and thick and healthy.

scalp hair is stunningly beautiful. 

be famous literally after one listen to this subliminal. 

become famous easily without lifting a finger

life is always on supreme easy mode right now and every single moment.

past and all past mistakes are erased from the entire history of the world, universe, and my timeline and my reality. 

past mistakes do not even exist.

your past is beyond perfect. 

no one has any memory of my past mistakes. 

don't exist anywhere on the Internet from the past. 

your future every moment is perfect bliss. 

your life is pure bliss. 

your life is super easy. 

Only good situations and things happen to you 

Golden opportunities are handed to you on a silver platter. 

be a true love magnet. 

Men always love you at first sight. 

Men cross oceans to see you. 

Men always call and text you lovely messages everyday. 

Ideal Celebrities text you and call me. 

date celebrities and Royalty.

your body skin is smooth hydrated toned and cellulite free. 

back is toned

have prominent collar bones. 

have prominent hip bones. 

be an AI beauty. 

be an Ethereal Beauty. 

Every time you breathe your beauty is enhanced to perfection. 

your life becomes your dream life after one listen to this subliminal. 

have a pink rolls Royce. 

have your visa to live in London 

have the extremely best decade of your life.

have the extremely best 2024 and 2025 of your life. 

One listen to this subliminal equals ten trillion listens. 

One listen to this subliminal equals I already received your full results

have ten million dollars in my bank account 

be a massive money magnet

My vision board is a carbon copy of my real life instantly now

be a size xxs forever

extremely skinny at all times no matter what you eat and no matter how much you eat.

waist size of twenty inches

six pack abs

zero fat on belly

Extremely super flat stomach

Supermodel abs. 

Outer abdomen free from all squishy fat. 

Zero muffin top. 

Zero fupa. 

Paper flat abs. 

Tight ab skin. 

have Zero body fat. 

back has zero fat. 

"frania" beauty, body + life combo


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