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Laura is thrown out of her house when her mother discovers she is a lesbian, but after trying to change her heart and hide from the truth, Laura finally comes to terms with who she is and learns to love and respect herself.

Realities such as divorce, stepfamilies, adoption, single parenting, and gay and lesbian parenting are explored through the curious, affectionate, and nonjudgemental eyes of six-year-old Angie as she introduces readers to her multicultural groups of friends, who are loved and cared for within many different types of families.

Drawing upon stories by and about nearly two dozen families in which gay fathers and lesbian mothers are raising children in a wide variety of settings and styles, the author defines the meaning of family and discusses concerns such as interpersonal relationships, sexual and psychological development, coming out, facing prejudice, and finding a spiritual foundation, the lesson being that children thrive in an environment of love regardless of the number, gender, or sexual orientation of the adults who provide it.

Families of Value offers a poignant defense of families with same-sex parents. Former attorney and award-winning author Robert Bernstein tells powerful stories of families with gay and lesbian parents who are at the forefront of social change in America. By turns hard-hitting and affecting, these stories portray the resistance these brave parents have faced, their views of the current cultural climate, and, most importantly, the intense passion and dedication that they have demonstrated in the course of raising sound, healthy, and well-adjusted children.

If you're clicking on an article about lesbian sex positions, it's either because you're trying to have a better orgasm with your partner, or you're hoping to get some fresh ideas. And who could blame you?

"Queer and lesbian women do not identify with the heteronormative understanding [of sex]," Gigi Engle, a certified sex coach, sexologist, and sex and intimacy expert at SKYN, tells Bustle, which means there isn't a "roadmap" for lesbian sex. But there is a plus side to that, and it's an ultimately greater understanding of what feels good.

And no matter which position you end up trying, it also helps to slow down. "While pop culture and pornography often depict lesbian sex with swift changes in sex positions, orgasm is more likely to occur while remaining in one effective position for a prolonged period of time," queer sex therapist Casey Tanner, tells Bustle. "Most people need continuous, rhythmic, clitoral stimulation in order to orgasm."

In advance of the Detroit performance, BTL caught up with Spraggan to talk about what inspired her latest album, how being openly lesbian has impacted her music, thoughts on mental health and potential future genre crossovers.

Conservative voters sent a message last night - they are unhappy with the direction of the country and will show up to vote and say so. In Ohio, they voted against legalizing marijuana. In Kentucky, a tea party favorite with no political experience is going to be the next governor. And in Houston, voters repealed a law that was intended to protect lesbian, gay and transgender people from discrimination. NPR political editor Domenico Montanaro's been following all of this. He's in our studios. Hi, Domenico.

MONTANARO: You know, as you noted, social conservatives really had a pretty good night. In particular, in Houston where they happen to have a lesbian mayor, there was this big fight around that law. And the message opponents used was clear and simple - no men in women's bathrooms. It was easy for people to understand. It ran on TV and radio and was on signs across the city. The wrinkle here is that the city is supposed to host the Super Bowl, and the head of the committee that brought the Super Bowl in said that he's a little concerned about how this'll be interpreted by the NFL. The state's lieutenant governor, who was very much against this law, said that if NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell thinks that men belong in women's bathrooms, then they need a new NFL commissioner.

LGBT advocates expect that sooner or later, the question of whether U.S. civil rights law applies to gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people will reach the U.S. Supreme Court, which has the power to overturn a patchwork of nondiscrimination laws (or lack thereof) in 50 states, just like it did when it legalized same-sex marriage across the nation in 2015.

I moved the really nice map from this meta page to Gay and lesbian travel. This page is part of our Manual of style, saying where to put GLBT info in the main guides. Gay and lesbian travel is a travel topic (kind of a catchall right now... should probably be broken up soon). --Evan 20:11, 4 Jul 2005 (EDT)

I thought that a small piece in a countries entry about it's gay and lesbian policies might be helpful to some visitors to WikiTravel. It could be concidered vital info for those visitors and could prompt more detailed info to be made available in other areas such as regional and city guides etc.

When I looked back at the escalator behind me, my heart lifted. Hundreds of men and women were streaming off the subway at Dupont Circle -- all, it seemed, lesbians and gay men. To have been at the March on Washington parade grounds was powerful enough, but here! -- here it was heady, even dizzying. Someone started a cheer, and the whole subway rang with shouts and applause for us all, alive and visible and rising into the daylight.

Is that moment -- seeing ourselves as ordinary citizens on our cities' ordinary streets -- what we're marching for? On June 26, 1994, New York City will host hundreds upon hundreds of thousands of men and women, this time from around the globe, for the twenty-fifth anniversary of what's mythologized as the launch of today's lesbian and gay pride movement: riots at a Greenwich Village bar called the Stonewall Inn. Those riots began when, on the night of Judy Garland's funeral, police held a run-of-the-mill raid. Bar patrons astonished police by erupting with long simmering rage. The next three days of bottle-throwing, street-trashing, and firesetting have been commemorated every year since with Pride marches in large and small cities worldwide, marches that celebrate Stonewall as the Big Bang that began widening our life beyond Mafia-run bars. Stonewall 25 will surely be the usual Pride mixture of Mardi Gras and politics, AIDS activists and marching bands, exhortatory speeches and s/m leathermen -- a riot this time of identities.

Many minorities get to see each other, within all their ordinary conflicts and variety, in their home neighborhoods. For lesbians and gay men things are different. While a few cities do have lesbian and gay enclaves, most lesbians and gay men live assimilated lives. We might go occasionally to a lesbian or gay club, or belong to a caucus or a choir, but Pride is the one neighborhood where, however temporarily, we all gather. That makes Pride a sort of Brigadoon that appears magically once a year, inviting a giddy feeling. Here every one of our separately formed identities goes on display, each shouting in his or her own way, We're here! We're queer! We're fabulous!

But who are "we"? We are, to twist the slogan, everyone. Just as in South Boston, Iowa City, or Chinatown, at Gay Pride you find the prostitutes and architects, Marines and downtown performance artists, daughters living at home and Social Security retirees. Gay men and lesbians come from every American class and geography, from every ethnicity, religion, age, gender, from every political outlook. Imagine a block party created by inviting one person at random from every zip code in the country; that's Lesbian and Gay Pride.

Such amusingly broad demographics means that walking through Pride -- especially the national versions, like the Marches on Washington -- can feel at times like a tour of the anti-melting-pot that is America. Every human impulse is on display. Suburban moms in frosted hair and gold necklaces walk past leather boys dancing on bar floats, so drunk you pray they won't fall off (the counterparts of straight men drooling in topless bars). "Natural" 1970s types wear purple sweat pants and Birkenstocks, while post punkers dye and shellac their hair and pierce various skin-flaps. Parents hold signs like "I'm proud of my lesbian daughter," bringing cheers, tears, and hugs from the crowd.

Still, some lesbians and gay men -- in probably the same proportion as heterosexuals -- do adopt the idea that sex is not just pleasurable but revolutionary, ignoring the fact that constant desire is precisely what the consumer culture hopes we'll buy. There are among us -- as among any minority group or nation -- those who like to make a separatist virtue of something about the group perceived as different. In this case the sexual superiorists, like the conservative Right, proclaim our sexuality innately dissident. But there is no political meaning in the fact that some of us -- like some heterosexuals -- like porn, promiscuity, s/m, leopard-skin leggings, or even lipstick. The flamboyant side of Pride Day represents lesbians and gay men as accurately as Carnival and Mardi Gras represent Catholicism.

The lesbians and gay men who recoil from Pride's flamboyant side, and those who wish it more emphasized, have something in common: both want to stress one narrow slice of our communities' natural human variety. But the debate about who "we" are -- and by extension, who should and should not attend Gay Pride -- assumes a unified community, with similar backgrounds, reading material, personalities, and agreement on how to interpret each others' street life. However, only a totalitarian could eradicate everyone but those he or she personally finds acceptable at Pride. The truth is, we have less than other communities to unite us. We don't even agree on what love means any more than heterosexuals do -- agape or eros? lifelong or serial? celibate, monogamous, open, or promiscuous? We have only two things in common: we love within our own sex, and we know how it feels to be hated for that fact. 041b061a72


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