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this subliminal was a paid request subliminal that won't be posted online on my channel, but that you can now purchase here if it matches what you desire. This uses my stardust formula



- your pelvis is healthy and stabilized

- strong stable pelvis at all times

- lower back fully stable and strong

- your pelvis and lower back are fully secure

- lower back that is very healthy and optimal

- your pelvis is in optimal shape and health

- heal any and all negative impacts on the pelvis from childbirth

- heal any and all negative impacts on the pelvis from pregnancy

- pelvic musculoskeletal system is absolutely perfect and healthy

- musculoskeletal system of the pelvis is fully strong and stabilized

- your pelvic bones are perfectly healthy and strong at all times

- be completely free from any musculoskeletal system pain

- perfect, healthy, flexible hip and sacroiliac joints

- healthy, stabilized pubic symphysis

- pelvic muscles are perfectly strengthened and toned

- immune to any type of pelvic pain, immobility, stiffness and discomfort

- perfect, flexible hip fascia and ligaments

- have perfect body symmetry

- your legs are fully symmetrical in length to each other

- legs are exactly the same length

"Yadiris" strong, stabilized pelvis, lower back and legs

€ 18,88السعر

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