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This is a paid subliminal request that won't be uploaded on my channel but that you can now purchase here. This uses my stardust formula.



disclaimer: the riffle sh00ting benefits are only for sport sh00ting, nothing else, it has protection affirmations against more n0cive forms of it.


- be a funny and positive person

- mind always stays calm

- be an extremely sharp r1ffle sh00ter

- be able to sh00t in every condition and position

- head, heart, eye, mind, legs and hands' coordination is accurate always

- have no tension in your body while sh00ting

- mind and body are fully trained for sport sh00ting

- have the perfect mind and trigger control

- every shot is 10.9

- always remember everything to have the perfect shot

- always have the most stable body posture

- always have the most stable hands while shooting

- be the best in every type of r1ffle sh00ting in all distances

- be the best at 10m r1ffle sh00ting

- be the best at 25m r1ffle sh00ting

- be the best at 50m r1ffle sh00ting

- each sh0t improves 10000

- have the most perfect sh00ting accuracy

- block every negative thought and doubts while sh00ting

- be an air r1ffl3 sh00ting sport champion

- always get first place in every competition

- always learn things quickly

- everybody loves you and your sh00ting sport skills

- be fully protected from the evil eye/bad energies

- always pay attention to your body posture while sh00ting

- fully controlled breath and body while sh00ting

- never get distracted while sh00ting

- be the best sh00ter every effortlessly

- be a gold medalist at every r1ffle sh00ting sport

- never overthink a sh0t while training or in competitions

- have perfect 20/20 vision

- always sees perfectly from far and up close

- have perfect strength and stamina

- never get tired easily

- always have a lot of endurance and energy

- have beautiful turquoise eyes

- eyes are a beautiful turquoise color

- eyes are a mix between turquoise and hazel green color

- ideal eye melanin removal

- beautiful light eyes

- beuatiful long thick eyelashes

- have a clear and charming voice

"Senait" Skills + Beauty Combo


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