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This is a paid request that won't be uploaded on my channel, but that you can now purchase here if it matches what you desire. This uses my stardust formula. 



- get rid of sunken chest

- be forever and completely immune to pectus excavatum

- be forever and completely immune to chest wall disorder

- your chest is absolutely ideal and how you desire it to be

- your breastbone is perfectly positioned

- your chest is immune to any dent

- your sternum is perfectly positioned

- sternum is immune to going inwards

- perfectly sized connective tissue

- sternum is perfectly sized and goes in the right direction

- your chest is perfectly evened out

- have beautiful c cup breasts

- your breasts are perfectly big and perky

- desired breast size and shape

- ratio between breasts and abdomen makes you have a c cup

- fit into all and any c cup bras

"livia" get rid of sunken chest + c cup breasts


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