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this is a paid subliminal request that won't be posted on my channel. but that you can now purchase here if you so desire. This uses my CX-111 formula.



- have perfect mental health

- recovery from all traumas

- always have inner peace

- always feel happy

- always choose happiness

- easily manage BPD and anxiety

- easily manage and overcome any mental health related issues

- perfect body health

- always have perfect physical health

- your body always works for your absolute health and well being

- your mind is balanced and always works for your well being

- have your ideal body weight 

- have a strong warrior like body

. your body is strong, toned and muscular

- perfect p3n1s and t3sticles

- your genitals/reproductive organs look exactly how you desire

- heal any type of reproductive organ issues

- perfect sp3rm

- desired p3n1s size and shape

- be the ultimate lover

- last in bed as much as you want

- have a lot of sexual stamina and endurance

- perfect family relationships

- family is fully healthy and happy

- family is fully wealthy and has prosperity

- be extremely wealthy and prosperous

- you and your family are always safe and have good luck

- be extremely masculine

- look and act in a very masculine way

- strong healthy masculinity

- be extremely handsome and attractive

- have the perfect male beauty

- be the richest man to ever exist in history

- be a goal getter

- never be lazy

- be able to do everything on your own

- extremely independent and with a lot of autonomy

- have peak human intelligence

- have a lot of talent and knowledge since birth

- you're the king of all kings

- be treated and seen as royalty

- MMA + ninja fighting skills

- attract any woman you desire effortlessly


"ervin" male body, beauty, money + lifestyle combo


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