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This is a paid subliminal request that won't be uploaded publicly to my channel, but that you can now purchase here if it matches your desires for a lower price than the original. This uses my CX-111 formula, my most powerful formula to this day. 


If you are interested in getting your own subliminal request, send an email with your desired benefits to



- become 176cm tall

- be your healthiest weight

- 23 inch waist

- have a small tiny thin waist

- lower abdomen immune to bloating

- 27 inch lower abdomen

- 36 inch hips

- hips are firm and toned

- 34 inch breast size

- breasts are firm and toned

- thin and toned upper body

- thin, toned arms, calves and thighs

- straight, well positioned legs

- perfect ideal body posture

- smooth feminine hands and fingers

- youthful hand skin, immune to wrinkles

- thick, moisturized scalp hair

- healthy, smooth and beautiful scalp hair

- strong, healthy durable nails 

- scalp hair that is immune to getting too oily

- moisturized shiny bright skin

- skin that is immune to hyper or hypo pigmentation

- skin that is always youthful and taut

- skin that is absolutely hairfree in desired body parts

- skin pores that are so tiny its impossible to see them

- healthy, white aligned teeth

- teeth that are strong and immune to decay or cavities

- teeth that are always clean and beautiful

- healthy gums, tongue and mouth

- always look 22 years old forever

- have an extremely high fast metabolism

- never gain weight regardless of what you eat

- always maintain the healthiest weight for you

- successfully create and launch any business, project, profile or app you desire and become a billionaire with it

- manifest infinite constant abundance

- be extremely financialy blessed

- money comes to you constantly and always

- be an extremely talented actress 

- become a world famous actress

- always have an amazing health

- have an absolutely perfect gut health

- get rid of all the bad toxins in your body

- body naturally produces antioxidants

- healthy and strong bones

- healthy and strong organs

- healthy and strong muscles

- be extremely flexible

- fully heal and move on from past traumas

- fully heal and overcome depression

- emotions and thoughts that are fully balanced and harmonious

- perfect mental, emotional. physical health

- heal and overcome panic attacks and anxiety

- have an extremely healthy respiratory system

- be able to breathe easily and freely

- fully release and heal all and any supressed emotions

- flip negative thoughts into positive ones

- be able to ignore negative intrusive thoughts

- be an extremely talented singer

- have a beautiful singing voice and singing technique

- be an extremely talented dancer

- have beautiful coordination skills and know every dance

- be good at roller skating and swimming

- be good at all sports and physical activities naturally

- be good at surfing 

- be good at driving

- be good at biking

- have a lot of cinema history knowledge

- be extremely knowledgeable about cinema

- be extremely disciplined and motivated

- be focused, passionate and kind

- be a happy, peaceful, loving person

- be confident, abundant and popular

- i am able to communicate with others

- i am able to build connections with other people

- fully balanced hormones 

- have a successful career

- feel and look beautiful at all times

- have a beautiful face

- have a beautiful nose

- have desired face and nose length

- be satisfied, confident and happy with your appearance

- have the same type of timeless beauty as Audrey Hepburn and Natalie Portman; look like the perfect mix of both

"Aisara" Beauty, Body, Lifestyle, Money Combo


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